The announcement of the 12 December 2014 ratification of the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement (KAFTA) is a significant win for Australian beef producers and will ensure that Aussie Beef faces no further disadvantage against market competitor, the United States.

Cattle Council President, Howard Smith, said “It was integral that KAFTA be ratified in 2014 to ensure that the tariff differential between US and Australian beef remained at 5.3% for the entirety of the phase-out period.

“Cattle Council has been heavily invested in the KAFTA negotiation process, which has included developing a relationship with the Korean Hanwoo Association over a number of years,” reflected Mr Smith.

“The relationship with the Hanwoo Association has continued throughout 2014 with Andrew Ogilvie (then CCA President) travelling to Korea in March, as well as Cattle Council hosting three Hanwoo Producer groups on their educational tours of the Australian beef production system throughout 2014, the third of these tours being today in Sydney.

“Korea has long been an important market to the Australian beef industry and the ratification of KAFTA will remove burden in the Australian beef supply chain and provide a better environment for creating on-farm profit.

“Cattle Council would again like to commend Minister Robb and his government for all of their efforts in ensuring the best outcome for the Australian beef industry,” Mr Smith said.


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