Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) has welcomed a new Senate inquiry into the labelling practices of alternative proteins.

CCA President, Markus Rathsmann said Cattle Council would like to see labelling standards that provide consumers with accurate information. “Our customers expect beef products to contain beef,” Mr Rathsmann said.

“CCA has no problem with alternative protein products, but they need to be honest about their ingredients.

“Some plant-based protein companies are trying to piggyback off the reputation of Australian beef by causing confusion.

“This inquiry will take a good, hard look at whether it’s fair to call a product something like ‘no beef, beef’ when there’s no beef in it.

“Our industry invests millions of producer levies in the Australian Beef brand every year, and that brand should be respected.

“It’s illegal to make use of someone else’s trademark and the same should go for highly processed products that try to mimic the experience of eating beef.

“Plant-based proteins should stop using the terms “meat” or “beef” and be honest about what their product is – highly processed and not meat.

“I am pleased the Parliament has heard and responded to the industry’s call for this to be thoroughly examined.

“I would also like to thank Senator Susan McDonald for getting this up, she has been a true friend to the beef industry.”

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