A widespread outbreak of Foot and Mouth Disease could see red meat and dairy products stripped from Australian grocery stores, despite there being no risk to food safety.

Should this occur, it’s unknown how long it would be before supplies could be restored.

Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) is urging all travellers to think about the impact a Foot and Mouth Disease outbreak would have on their friends, family and community.

CCA CEO John McGoverne said if Foot and Mouth Disease was detected in Australia, all movement of livestock and animal products would likely be stopped immediately.

“Red meat products would disappear faster than during the COVID-19 lockdowns,” Mr McGoverne said.

“Red meat would run out quickly and dairy products would follow soon after.

“This could mean no steak, no flat whites and no ice cream until we start the recovery.

“Even when we could start supplying the local market again, it would be a slow return with big shortages.

“If we can’t get products to the shops fast enough, then prices would go up while farmers still struggle.

“Travellers should bear this in mind when they travel to Bali, or any country that has Foot and Mouth Disease.

“We ask all travellers to provide an honest declaration to help Australian biosecurity officers do their job.

“Travellers should feel reassured they’re doing the right thing and if some of your luggage needs to be sanitised it will be returned to you.

“Preventing Foot and Mouth is not only helping farmers but also all the people you care about in your community.

“If in doubt, just declare – it’s just not worth the risk.

“Cattle Council also welcomes another $14 million to protect the food supply chain and assist Indonesia which was announced today by the Federal Minister.

“We must continue to increase the level of our response as the threat increases.”

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