Cattle Council has moved to reassure the public that it is perfectly safe to eat beef, despite the threat of Foot and Mouth Disease.

The reassurance has been made due to confusion around the impact of Foot and Mouth Disease.

Cattle Council President, Lloyd Hick said the disease was not transmissible to humans.

“Foot and Mouth Disease can’t make you sick,” Mr Hick said.

“It also has no impact on the quality, flavour or nutrition values of beef or any meat product.

“We take this seriously because it would cause an animal welfare crisis and potentially lose our access to international markets.

“Producers wouldn’t be able to sell affected cattle on the domestic market if they are sick.

“Affected cattle need to be isolated from other herds to prevent the spread of the disease and can’t be sold.

“This means we could lose great volumes of stock which would have a big impact on producers.

“We ask everyone travelling back from countries with Foot and Mouth Disease to ensure they follow biosecurity protocols.

“This includes cleaning and disinfecting clothing and footwear – especially if you come in contact with agriculture.

“Also, always make sure you make an honest biosecurity declaration at the airport.

“If your personal effects need to be cleaned, they will be returned to you.

“Biosecurity is everyone’s responsibility, and it protects the standards of living for all Australians.”