Cattle Council of Australia has welcomed Angela Hutchinson to its Board, with her appointment as AgForce Director from 1 July 2022.

Ms Hutchinson replaces Lloyd Hick, who will take on the President’s role at the beginning of the new Financial Year following the decision of current President Markus Rathsmann to step down.

Mr Hick said Ms Hutchinson takes on the position after serving on the AgForce Cattle Board.

“Ange is an outstanding pick to represent the interests of Queensland cattle producers at a federal level,” Mr Hick said.

“Having worked with Ange, I have always appreciated her professional approach and drive to get results for producers.

“Ange was selected because of her specialist knowledge in finance and governance and brings significant experience from her career at Suncorp.

“She will be a great asset at this crucial time for Cattle Council as we transition to a more democratic, sustainable and effective Peak Industry Council in Cattle Australia.

“I congratulate Ange on her new role and warmly welcome her onto our board.”

Ms Hutchinson’s appointment also brings the number of women on Cattle Council’s board up to five out of eleven members in total and half of the ten directors.

“This milestone had been reached without intervention such as quotas,” Mr Hick said.

“The cattle industry strives to find the best person for the job and is constantly looking to increase the range of skills and experience within the Cattle Council board.

“Every board member is there because they are the best person to represent their state or region.

“Every state representative is selected through a local, independent process and then must be endorsed at the next Annual General Meeting.

“Women have always made a crucial contribution to the success of our industry, which is increasingly being reflected in leadership roles.”

Cattle Council Board, from July 1, 2022
Lloyd Hick (President), Ange Hutchinson (AgForce), Bill Stacy (NSW Farmers), Gillian Fennell (Livestock SA), Anne Stanes (NTCA), Digby Corker (PGA of WA), Paul Saward (TFGA), Peter Starr (VFF), Geoff Pearson (WA Farmers), Alice Greenup (Northern Independent), Olivia Lawson (Southern Independent).

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