Cattle Council of Australia is reassuring Australians that beef will still be readily available in our butcheries and supermarkets, despite a second wave of COVID-19 in Victoria.

Cattle Council President, Tony Hegarty said the industry had professionally navigated the first wave to keep the supply chain running.

“Not only did we succeed, beef producers were star performers in the first wave,’ Mr Hegarty said.

“We put solid practices in place to keep our beef on the shelf, both here and overseas.

“We are now in a stronger position to respond because of our experience in the first wave.

“Australian beef producers are world leaders in biosecurity, which has been an asset.

“This has been seen right through the red meat supply chain, from farmgate to market.

“When plants have shut down, our industry partners in the processing sector have enacted strict protocols to effectively isolate the problem, stopping further spread of the virus.

“At the same time, it’s important to recognise COVID-19 is a community transmitted public health issue, not a food safety issue.

“Australians should have confidence in the red meat industry.

“We are committed to doing what needs to be done so our customers at home and overseas have a safe, clean and reliable supply of red meat.”