Collaboration and the removal of non-tariff barriers were firmly on the table at the G20 Agricultural Entrepreneurs forum attended by Cattle Council of Australia.

CCA director Marc Greening was the nation’s beef representative at the Chinese forum last week, and part of an Australian delegation headed by Department of Agriculture secretary Daryl Quinlivan.

Held in Xian, the forum included the majority of agricultural ministers from the G20 nations.

Mr Greening said the need for beef industry and global collaboration was a clear take-home message.

“Beef was at the forefront of all commentary with regards to agriculture and trade, and projected increases in sales across the world,’’ he said.

“The Australian beef industry needs to collaborate with countries traditionally seen as our export competitors, such as Argentina and Brazil.

“We need to discuss issues with them, including non-tariff barriers, science and technology uptake.

“There was no discrimination from those countries in talking to Australia about beef.’’

Mr Greening said global beef market confidence was at an all time high.

“As a beef industry, we need to put our hat in the ring and be involved because it’s about working together as an industry to fight off other products impacting on our markets,’’ he said.

“The G20 will be held in China in September, with key points and messages from this meeting to dictate discussion and policy in the main forum.’’

Mr Greening said delegates were told beef consumption in China within the next five years would rise by 238 per cent.

“This was significantly higher than every other agricultural commodity,’’ he said.

“This signifies great opportunity for Australia to promote our product from a clean, green perspective and geographic location.

The Australian industry is certainly seen as a world leader in terms of product promotion.’’

Cattle Council chief executive officer Jed Matz said the beef industry required improved access to international markets.

Cattle Council has called for a greater focus by the Federal Government on non-tariff barriers and enhancing resources provided to agricultural consulates.


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