Cattle Council of Australia has wasted no time in providing the third Discussion paper of the Beef Industry Strategic Plan 2020, Discussion paper Pillar 3 Supply Chain Integrity and Efficiency.

The Australian grassfed beef industry has built world-class industry systems that underpin our high quality and safe beef.

Discussion paper Pillar 3 focuses on the importance of guaranteeing product integrity through integrating current industry systems and enhancing the transfer of information throughout the value chain.

For Cattle Council to provide Australian grassfed beef producers with the best industry systems for the future we require producers to comment on this Discussion paper.

Howard Smith, President of Cattle Council said “This Pillar demonstrates issues that are under the industry’s control, if we ignore these areas we are our own worst enemy.’

‘It is important that as an industry we tailor industry programs to fit our market requirements and customer expectations which in turn provide us with transparent price signals.

‘To achieve this as an industry we must continue to support our claims of product quality and consistency through co-operation in industry systems and information sharing throughout the value chain.

‘CCA appreciate those that have provided feedback on the past two pillar paper and urge more producers to comment’. Mr Smith said.

Discussion paper Pillar 3 Supply Chain Integrity and Efficiency is now available on the Cattle Council website at


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