Cattle Council have released the final Discussion papers – Pillar 4 and 5 of the Beef Industry Strategic Plan 2020, urging producers to comment.

Improvements to long-term profitability through improved production practices and industry collaboration are fundamental for the long-term viability of the Australian grassfed beef industry.

Pillar 4 – Productivity and Profitability discusses the importance of research and development to increase livestock profitability across the grassfed beef sector.

Jed Matz, CEO of Cattle Council said ‘Pillar 4 aligns with Pillar 1 as consumer and community behaviour will influence on-farm management practises, which directly impacts on profitability’.

‘Producers need to be provided with feedback on product attributes to assist in increasing their on-farm management practises’.

Pillar 5 discusses that to achieve information transfer and feedback, industry collaboration between stakeholders is vital.

‘If our value chain has ineffective leadership and communication there is a high risk of industry-wide failure’.

‘If you are a grassfed beef producer and wish to see improvements within your industry, step up and provide feedback on these discussion papers’ Mr Matz said.

All Discussion papers are now available at


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