MEDIA RELEASE Beef Producer Alliance Expands

Beef producers meeting in Mazatlan, Mexico (22-23 October 2015) unanimously agreed on expansion of the Five Nations Beef Alliance (the ‘Alliance’) – by endorsing the membership of producer representatives from both Brazil and Paraguay.

The Alliance leadership warmly welcomed the representatives from the Mato Grosso State Producers Association (ACRIMAT) and the National Association of Cattle Feeders (ASSOCON) from Brazil and representatives from the Asociacion Rural del Paraguay (ARP) as new members.

“The strong commitment by the representatives from Brazil and Paraguay to the Alliance’s core principles and the willingness to jointly pursue common issues, makes these organisations an ideal fit with the existing membership“, the chair of this year’s conference, Mr Oswaldo Chazaro Montalvo, President Confederacion Nacional de Organizaciones Ganaderas (Mexico), said.

The inclusion of these two beef producing countries will see the Alliance grow to represent 46% of global beef cattle production and 63% of global beef exports.

As a consequence, the Alliance has been rebranded the International Beef Alliance.

At the annual conference, the leadership also reviewed the Alliance’s strategic intent and developed a work plan to guide collective activities for the coming 12 months.  A key element will be the Alliance’s joint effort in advocating ongoing trade liberalization – specifically in relation to the ratification of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement following completion of the negotiations earlier this month.

In addition to trade, the Alliance also remains committed to working together by sharing market information, engaging on animal health and sustainability issues and continuing to support its young leaders development program.

The original members of the Five Nations Beef Alliance are the Cattle Council of Australia; Canadian Cattlemen’s Association; Confederacion Nacional de Organizaciones Ganaderas; Beef + Lamb New Zealand; and the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association

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