BEEF producers will now have a voice at the National Farmers Federation table, with cattle producer Tony Hegarty announced as the organisations newest board member.

Tony Hegarty, also Vice President of Cattle Council of Australia, said he is committed to working with the wider agricultural industries through NFF to get the best outcomes for the beef cattle industry.

“I am proud to be representing beef producers, while working with all ag sectors to get the best outcomes for industry,” Mr Hegarty said.

“Cattle Council of Australia makes a significant investment in NFF and I want to get the most out of that investment and deliver for beef producers across Australia.”

Cattle Council have a strong history of working with the NFF on issues that affect not only the beef cattle industry but having input into whole of the agricultural industry.

Mr Hegarty said he was pleased to step into the position and be able contribute to important strategic decisions about the future of Australian agriculture and farm sector representation.

“Cattle Council have had input into a range of national policy issues regarding research and development, climate change and market access through its involvement with the NFF,” Mr Hegarty said.

“It is important for Cattle Council and beef producers to have their voices represented in matters that affect the whole agricultural sector.

Tony Hegarty has contributed significantly to agriculture and the beef cattle sector for over 30 years.

He will continue to ensure beef producers have a voice at the decision-making table through his new role with NFF, along with his existing role as an Executive Councillor with NSW Farmers, Vice President of Cattle Council and Chair of Cattle Council’s Research, Development and Adoption committee.

Mr Hegarty also runs his family-owned beef property at Cassilis in the Hunter Valley of New South Wales.


Photo Caption: Tony Hegarty is one of the newest members of the National Farmers Federation Board and Vice President of Cattle Council of Australia

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