Cattle Council of Australia is committed to working with the Federal Government to make sure the Farm Biodiversity Pilot Program delivers the best possible outcome for beef producers.

Cattle Council Board Member and The Weekly Times Coles 2020 Beef Farmer of the Year Olivia Lawson said the industry was a natural fit for the program as nearly 80 per cent of Australia’s agricultural land was beef country. 

“This program is a real opportunity for beef producers to get paid for the environmental value of their work,” Ms Lawson said.

“Cattle Council supports sustainability policies that reward and promote environmental stewardship on farm to support a resilient and profitable future for the grass-fed beef industry.

“Beef producers have been doing on-farm biodiversity work for generations and it’s good to see it being recognised.

“The way the program is set up gives it integrity, it respects the beef producer’s right to decide what’s best for their property and pays them for their effort.

“Cattle Council will work with the Commonwealth, providing feedback to uphold these principles.

“This program could provide a consistent and reliable revenue stream to those taking part.

“That would build resilience and help protect the beef production businesses during droughts.

“The program will largely involve planting trees, and producers will be paid for the biodiversity outcomes achieved.

“This work could also boost farm productivity, by protecting soils, pastures and livestock with shelter belts.

“I encourage any beef producer who is interested in on-farm regenerative environmental work, to find out if the program is right for them.”

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