Australia’s beef industry has emerged as one of the nation’s top economic contributors despite fires, floods, ongoing drought and now the coronavirus.

Cattle Council CEO, Travis Tobin said MLA’s latest State of the Industry Report provided further evidence Australians should be backing beef producers.

“It’s been a tough period for many beef producers, and some are far from out of the woods after years of drought and natural disaster,” Mr Tobin said.

“Despite these longer-term challenges and more recent COVID-19 restrictions, beef producers are keeping people employed and superior food on the shelves here and overseas.

“The report shows cattle industry employment numbers remained strong, providing important work for more than 77-thousand people.

“The broader red meat sector employs more than 400-thousand people throughout the supply and production chain, including retail, fodder production and rural services.

“The vast majority of those jobs are in the beef industry, and they’re found right across the nation, from metropolitan processing plants to stockmen in the most remote parts of the country.

“For some producers this has come at a great cost, through personal sacrifice and additional debt to keep production going.

“Unwavering support of governments and the broader community for our producers who have done it tough with drought, flood and fire has also played a key role.

“We are continuing to produce some of the world’s most sustainable and nutritious beef, despite these challenges, while underpinning hundreds of thousands of jobs,” Mr Tobin said.