CATTLE Council of Australia announced a positive financial position for the organisation at their AGM today in Adelaide, South Australia.

Cattle Council posted a surplus of $521,553 for the financial year of 15/16.

Cattle Council chief executive officer Jed Matz said the organisation is focussed on delivering strong policy representation for its members while keeping financials in check.

“Over the last year the organisation has been focussed on reducing operating costs where possible; increasing revenue from projects and commercial activity; and ensuring all consultation costs with our service providers were appropriately cost recovered,” Mr Matz said.

“This years’ positive result has balanced the Cattle Council financials but there is still a need for a long-term funding stream that will allow it to restructure into a totally directly elected membership organisation.”

Cattle Council members voted on the organisations board during the AGM, with Marc Greening, NSW and David Hill, QLD being re-elected for their respective independent board positions with Cattle Council.

The five state farming organisation board positions available for re-election this year were also voted on.

Cattle Council’s board members for 2017 are:

  •     Tony Hegarty, NSW Farmers (continuing)
  •     Marc Greening, Southern Independent (re-elected)
  •     David Hill, Northern Independent (re-elected)
  •     Peter Hall, AgForce (re-elected)
  •     Faye Tuchtan, Victorian Farmers’ Federation (re-elected)
  •     Markus Rathsmann, Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association (newly elected)
  •     Geoff Pearson, WA Farmers (re-elected)
  •     Amanda Giles, Livestock SA (newly elected)
  •     David Lovelock, Pastoralists and Graziers Association of WA, (continuing)
  •     Brett Hall, Tasmanian Farmers and Graziers Association (continuing)

Cattle Council president Howard Smith thanked all board members, both outgoing and continuing, for their direction and support of the organisation.

“Andrew Withers has served faithfully as the Livestock SA board member and on behalf of the Cattle Council board and staff I thank him for his dedication to the industry,” Mr Smith said.

“Markus Rathsmann has been serving as interim representative for the NTCA since stepping in to fill the role after Ross Peatling. It’s great to have Markus on board now as the official, newly elected representative.”

Amanda Giles has been elected as the Livestock SA board representative and becomes the second previous Rising Champion finalist to sit on the Cattle Council board.

The new board will determine the Cattle Council president for the next term at their first board meeting on Friday, 11 November 2016.


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