Cattle Council of Australia has presented seven key priorities to MPs and candidates ahead of the 2022 Federal Election.

Cattle Council President, Markus Rathsmann said the priorities, developed through industry consultation, will see ongoing, sustainable growth in the grassfed beef cattle industry.

“This will help improve food security both in Australia and overseas while addressing the challenges we face as a nation,” Mr Rathsmann said.

The priorities include improvements to:

  • Traceability of livestock and meat products
  • The Australian biosecurity system
  • The accuracy of labelling of meat products and their alternatives
  • Climate and environment
  • Cattle Transaction Levy arrangements
  • Regional telecommunications services
  • Tax arrangements for aviation fuel used in beef production.

“As custodians of nearly 80 per cent of agricultural land, the beef industry is in a unique position to help Australia achieve its climate targets,” Mr Rathsmann said.

“We are looking to build partnerships with government to help offset carbon emissions, while rewarding producers who take on the task.

“This is just part of how we are looking to gear our industry for the future and ensure its success.

“These priorities also complement the policies of the broader agricultural industry including the National Farmers’ Federation and will be vital in helping grow Australian agriculture into a $100 billion industry by 2030.

“The red meat business is a crucial component of the Australian economy, employing 200,000 people.

“The beef industry alone is worth more than $20 billion annually at the farm gate and underpins the economies of regional communities right across Australia.

“These should be priorities for all sides of politics – they will help provide opportunities for all Australians while providing them with healthy, nutritious and sustainable red meat.”

More information:

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