Cattle Council have travelled to Mexico to attend the 2015 Five Nations Beef Alliance (FNBA) Annual conference.

Throughout the 5 day tour delegates from Cattle Council of Australia, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, National Cattlemen’s Beef Association, Beef + Lamb New Zealand and Confederacion Nacional de Organizaciones Ganaderas are attending the tour.

The tour will provide delegates the opportunity to address key issues surrounding global beef production such as animal health, market trade and sustainability.

Cattle Council President, Howard Smith said ‘Australia has been involved with the FNBA for a number of years now, as an alliance we have formed strong relationships and industry impact.’

‘The five nations and the new three observing nations, Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay, have travelled from Durango to Mazatlan, Mexico , observing breeding operations, cattle shows and export operations.

The FNBA has been operating since 1976 with the goal to form a network of high beef producing countries that strive to improve market opportunities, management practises and networks around the world.

‘It is important for Cattle Council and Australia to be involved with this alliance, as a major beef producing country we need to have a presence so we have a voice at an international level.

‘As an alliance of countries that make up one third of total world beef production and 50% of beef exports, as a group we can make an impact.’ said Mr Smith.

Young Leaders of the FNBA are also attending from each nation, a total of 13 young beef enthusiast are learning about the key issues being discussed by the FNBA.

Cattle Council look forward to the annual conference held 22 Thursday and 23 Friday in Mazatlan, Sinola.


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