After welcoming the Senate inquiry into the effect of market consolidation on the red meat processing sector in early April, Cattle Council are calling for examples to assist with its submission. As the peak organisation for grassfed producers it is our job to ensure Senators have as much information available as possible so that they can make informed recommendations.

Cattle Council has received an extension on its submission until 31 July to ensure its submission is as comprehensive as possible.

“We are conscious that many producers have been reluctant to speak out about unfair behaviour for fear of jeopardising commercial relationships. Producers who wish to share instances where they believe they have been dealt with unfairly or illegally should take advantage of the facility available on the Cattle Council website. The information will be used as anonymous anecdotal evidence to strengthen our submission.” Said Cattle Council CEO, Jed Matz.

As part of the Senate Inquiry process, Cattle Council is also investigating areas for reform to strengthen protection for producers as well as ensuring producers are aware of their legal rights.

To submit your confidential experiences please proceed to the following link


Heidi Eldridge- Stakeholder Relations Officer 0417249506