Cattle Council of Australia has welcomed Coalition’s commitment to the future of agriculture through a raft of new funding measures announced today.

Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce announced a further $240 million in funding for agriculture, as part of the Coalitions election campaign.

Mr Matz said the $5 million Leadership in Agricultural Industries Fund announced by the Coalition reflected a key pillar to the Beef Industry Strategic Plan to 2020 (BISP 2020).

BISP 2020 outlines that fostering leadership and establishing sustainable resourcing for key industry structures is critical to the future of industry.

This new funding would enable peak industry bodies, including Cattle Council, to continue their advocacy and policy roles.

“Since 2013, the Council has been pushing towards structural change, including a sustainable funding model, to adequately deliver the advocacy, policy and strategic services the grass fed industry needs,’’ Mr Matz said.

Cattle Council called on the major political parties earlier this month for an election commitment of seed funding to establish a directly elected producer organisation underpinned by a sustainable funding model.

“Cattle Council are also committed to fostering leadership within the beef industry through its own initiatives and today’s announcement shows there is strong support for these programs in industry.”

Cattle Council look forward to further details on how the funding will be allocated and exactly what activities or projects are funded under the commitment.

Cattle Council have also welcomed the funding commitment for the Livestock Global Assurance Program which has been developed using both grassfed beef and livestock export levies.

The program is aimed at fostering world’s best practice in the welfare and management of animals in conjunction with the Exporter Supply Chain Assurance System framework.

“LGAP is an Australian industry initiative and will help to provide greater transparency in the livestock export supply chain so beef producers and the community can have comfort that Australian animals will be safe” Mr Matz said.

“The Coalition’s election commitment will provide the support needed to ensure the complete implementation of the program and allow for industry to continue to meet the high animal welfare standards expected by Australian producers when exporting their cattle into foreign markets.”

Cattle Council also welcomed the Coalition’s election commitment to develop regional water infrastructure through the National Water Infrastructure Loan Facility; the establishment of the Regional Investment Corporation and the commitment of $4 million to support Casino’s annual Beef Week and the nation’s largest beef exposition, Beef Australia, in Rockhampton, Qld.

Cattle Council of Australia chief executive officer Jed Matz said the announcement of these funding measures from Coalition was a positive step towards strengthening industry and ensuring agriculture was firmly on the election radar.

“Cattle Council have welcomed the election commitments announced by Coalition and look to the other parties to show their support for agriculture and the grass-fed beef industry,” Mr Matz said.


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