Cattle Council of Australia President, Andrew Ogilvie, and CEO, Jed Matz, are currently in Japan as part of a beef industry delegation planned to coincide with important final decisions as Japan and Australia move towards an Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA).  

Mr Ogilvie and Mr Matz are in Japan for three days, during which time they are monitoring FTA talks, including meeting with the Australian Ambassador in Tokyo, participating in a press conference with Japanese media and observing current MLA programs in Japan.  

“The gradual elimination of beef tariffs would be beneficial to both Australian and Japanese beef producers,” Andrew Ogilvie said.  

“The elimination of tariffs would stimulate demand for both domestic and imported beef.”  

“The delegation also aims to continue the beneficial work that MLA has undertaken with the Producer to Producer programs (P2P), which endeavour to support farmers in both Japan and Australia,” Mr Ogilvie said.