CATTLE Council President Howard Smith will continue to focus on the future of the beef and cattle industry, as he continues in his role for another term.

The incumbent President was re-elected into the position last week by the Cattle Council Board, after the organisation’s Annual General Meeting.

Mr Smith said he saw a lot of potential for the industry over the next two years of his term as President and planned to put his effort into realising that potential for the future of the industry.
“The ACCC report has given industry a lot to think about, and a lot to focus on – particularly in regards to objective carcase measurement, which is a big priority for Cattle Council.

“We are looking forward to seeing the outcomes of Meat and Livestock Australia’s rollout of the Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry technology in AUS-MEAT registered slaughter facilities across Australia but we still have work to do – not only in the objective measurement space but in market access, transparency and levy-payer representation,” Mr Smith said.

Cattle Council have been seeking funds to restructure the organisation, combining policy development and advocacy, and be led by a board directly elected by cattle levy payers.

The organisation have said the new model would provide grass-fed producers with more control over the $64 million they pay annually through the compulsory levy.

Howard Smith said Cattle Council were already taking steps to make representation more accessible and opened up Presidential nominations this year to be available to all Cattle Council committee members.

“Under our new constitution we have an opportunity to make the nomination process more democratic and accessible, and opening nominations up from board members to committee members allows for a more fluid conversation between us and our members – giving them a stronger voice and say in what we do and how we direct the industry.”

Cattle Council President said it was also important for the organisation to grow the Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System, an important quality assurance program for producers, processors and consumers.

“PCAS allows producers to prove claims relating to their pasturefed and grassfed production methods, which provides niche markets and premiums for both producers and processors as well as quality assurance for consumers,” Mr Smith said.

“It’s critical we maintain the momentum the program has gathered since its inception and continue to fulfil the growing demand for grassfed beef.”


Photo Caption: Howard Smith re-elected for another term as Cattle Council president.

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