CATTLE Council of Australia will travel to New Zealand next week to attend the 2016 International Beef Alliance.

The International Beef Alliance includes the national beef bodies from Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Paraguay and the United States.

Cattle Council president Howard Smith said Cattle Council was involved with the International Beef Alliance because it is working ‘to exceed global consumers’ expectations in respect to beef, while eliminating non?scientific and political trade restrictions.

“The IBA represents producers from countries that account for 46% of global beef cattle production and 63% of global beef exports,” Mr Smith said.

“It’s an incredibly important platform to have our say on behalf of Australia beef producers, particularly in regards to international relations and market access.”

The Cattle Council along with Associação dos Criadores de Mato Grosso, Associação Nacional dos Confinadores de Brasil, Canadian Cattlemen’s Association, Confederación Nacional de Organizaciones Ganaderas, Asociación Rural de Paraguay, Beef + Lamb New Zealand and National Cattlemen’s Beef Association will attend the five day conference.

Cattle Council’s own Rising Champion national winner Kirsty McCormack will also attend the International Beef Alliance and represent young Australian beef producers as part of the Young Leaders Program.

Each year the Young Leaders program has had the opportunity to work on a range of different projects including videos, blogs and white papers providing valuable input regarding global beef issues.

“I am thrilled to attend the International Beef Alliance and represent young Australian beef cattle producers on an international level,” Ms McCormack said.

“I got involved in the Rising Champions Initiative because I believe young people in the beef industry need to have voice and be involved in their industry.

“It is encouraging to see this is also happening not just in Australia through Cattle Council and NAB as the Rising Champions Initiative, but also at a global level.”

The conference will include strategy meetings to address global issues affecting beef production including mixed farming, animal health and welfare, market access and sustainability.

Cattle Council and attendees will also have the opportunity to visit New Zealand beef properties and understand how New Zealand producers are addressing these issues on-farm.
Cattle Council look forward to the annual conference held from 17-21 October 2016.


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