The finalisation of the ChAFTA is a step in the right direction for the Australian beef industry and Australia in general.

“Failure to secure this agreement in 2015 will see a cost an estimated $60 million to the Australian beef industry in 2016 alone” said Howard Smith, Cattle Council President.

“The Government has provided an opportunity for Australia beef producers on an international platform through this agreement“ said Mr Smith.

If the 12-25% tariff eliminations are implemented in late 2015 over 9 years for beef products and live animals it is estimated it will result in an increase in gross value of $270 million for the beef industry by 2024 and $3.3 billion by 2030.

Tariffs on hides will be eliminated over 4-8 years and 10% tariffs on live cattle over 4 years are also big positives in Howard’s opinion.

“The opportunity in this market for beef producers is extremely positive; we should not see this agreement as a disadvantage to our country. Red Meat Processing is the largest trade exposed manufacturing industry in Australia and this deal will create jobs in Australian manufacturing” said Mr Smith.

“China alone makes up 19% of the world’s population, and continues to grow. Australia has a front seat in supplying this demand, how could we not benefit?”

CIE economic modelling suggests producers could look forward to receiving increased prices of 8c p/kg  (dressed weight) above the baseline when the ChaFTA zero tariffs are fully implemented.


Heidi Eldridge- Stakeholder Relations Officer . e m- 0417249506