Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) says the Commonwealth’s decision, not to appeal a Federal Court ruling against the 2011 live export ban is a win for common sense.

In 2011 the Gillard Government suspended live exports of cattle to Indonesia, in a snap decision without consulting producers or overseas markets.

Cattle Council CEO Travis Tobin said by not appealing the ruling, the Government has sent a very clear message.

“This sort of thing should never happen in Australia,” Mr Tobin said.

“It is a bittersweet victory. Producers and communities should have never been put through this ordeal in the first place.

“The 2011 decision caused long-term pain for producers and their families across Northern Australia, and its impacts trickled right through our industry.

“The decision not to appeal will also help us build confidence with our trading partners.

“It sends a message that our Government cannot block trade without good cause.

“Nine years after the event we are still repairing our relationship with Indonesia.

“Australia needs to maintain its reputation as a reliable supplier of food around the world and this will make a difference.

“We haven’t had a decision on compensation yet, but it will need to consider all the consequences, including the damage it has done to our international trading relationships.

“I thank the Brett family for their courage in this fight, and the ongoing efforts of Tracey Hayes, the Northern Territory Cattlemen’s Association and the National Farmers’ Federation.

“I would also like to thank our MPs and Senators from Northern Australia who have fought for the cattle industry within Government.

“The decision helps end an ugly chapter for our industry and will let us go forward with confidence.”