Cattle Council of Australia says the 2021 Australian Beef Sustainability Framework update gives further proof of the beef industry’s commitment to sustainable agriculture.

The report tracks progress in four key areas, animal welfare, economic resilience, environmental stewardship and people and the community.

Cattle Council Independent Southern Director, Olivia Lawson said the report found sustained improvement in several key areas.

“This just shows cattle produces have a lot to be proud of when it comes to sustainability,” Ms Lawson said.

“The framework recognises we still have work to do but we have made some good progress through some difficult times.

“Awareness of animal welfare standards is now nearly at 100% which is a great result.

“Cattle Council has been committed to improving producer awareness in this area by providing clear, straightforward information on pain relief use.

“There has been a marked increase in pain relief use in the past 12 months.

“We have a lot of highly engaged producers that are going above and beyond to achieve our goals.

“The report surveyed four times as many producers, which shows how important it is to our sector.

“We are still tracking well to be carbon neutral by 2030, despite a small increase in this measure.

“This is because we are coming out of drought. We expect our footprint to fluctuate as the herd rebuilds, but the overall trend is down.

“We have nearly doubled the national Paris Agreement target nine years early, with emissions down 51.46% since 2005.

“All of this has been achieved at a time when producers have faced fires, floods and drought

“Producers can be proud of their sustainability work, and this report is keeping us on track.”

Cattle Council’s Pain Relief Guide is available online at:

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