Cattle Council have welcomed a new collaborative research and development funding partnership between Meat and Livestock Australia, through MLA Donor Company, and the NSW Department of Primary Industries.

Cattle Council chief executive officer Duncan Bremner said the organisation had been pushing for more strategic research and development partnerships.

“Cattle Council have been concerned about diminishing government investment in research, development and adoption which has hindered the potential productivity and profitability of beef producers.

“This announcement is a great example of how a collaborative partnership between government and industry can ensure the Australian beef industry retains its globally competitive position,” Mr Bremner said.

The multi-million dollar partnership was announced last week by Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture Barnaby Joyce and NSW Minister for Primary Industries Niall Blair.

Minister Niall Blair said his government would be investing $17.5 million dollars into the partnership which the MLA Donor Company will match for research projects that address the five key red meat priorities identified.

A further $5 million would be invested in the National Livestock Genetics Consortium.

The first co-investment research and development program will focus on:

  • Improving supply chain efficiency
  • Overcoming the nutritional limits to livestock genetic potential
  • Improving reproductive performance
  • The sustainability of livestock production systemsEnhancing the feed base by optimising grazing and soil management will also be a focus.


What is the MDC?
MDC is a fully-owned subsidiary of Meat & Livestock Australia.

MDC accelerates innovation across the value chain so the Australian red meat and livestock industry can remain competitive on the world stage. It does this by attracting commercial investment from individual enterprises and others that share a mutual interest to co-invest in innovation that will benefit the industry.

The Australian Government matches voluntary partner contributions in projects that address industry and government priorities and benefit the Australian community.

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