The Cattle Council of Australia welcomes the launch of the Meat Industry Strategic Plan, MISP 2020, which comes at a critical time for the industry.

The new strategy lays out a clear vision to shift industry efforts and resources towards strengthening Australia’s competitive position as a reliable source of quality products, underpinned by the integrity of its systems.

Cattle Council and grass-fed cattle producers have been active participants throughout the comprehensive process to develop MISP2020.

Howard Smith, Cattle Council President said “Cattle Council especially welcomes the recognition of industry leadership, transparency and collaboration through the value chain as being fundamental to successful implementation of the four strategic pillars identified in the MISP”

“Similarly, we welcome the imperative to align industry practices with consumer and community expectations—we need a social licence to operate”.

CCA is committed to making MISP 2020 the foundation of a tailored Beef Industry Strategic Plan, or BISP 2020, that will identify the specific industry activities required for grass fed beef producers and associated value chain businesses to benefit.

CCA is pleased to announce that the project to prepare the BISP 2020 is well underway and anticipated the final document be launched later this year.

“Over the coming weeks we will be posting discussion papers on the CCA website and we invite all those involved in the grass fed beef value chain to provide their input on the topics” Mr Smith said.

Discussion paper Pillar 1 Consumers and Community is now available on the Cattle Council website at


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