Cattle Council believes the resolutions released by MLA yesterday could provide improve

ments for grassfed beef producers, but they do not deliver on what Cattle Council and grassfed producers were calling for.   “Cattle Council is pleased to see one extra grassfed beef producer proposed to be added to the selection committee. This is consistent with Cattle Council’s policy and with the amount of levies grassfed producers invest in MLA” said Andrew Ogilvie, Cattle Council President.

“We are less pleased to see 2 MLA board members still on the committee, even if they can’t vote,” he continued.   Cattle Council called for none or one MLA Board member on the selection committee.

“This demonstrates how grassfed beef producers are partially disenfranchised by the selection processes used within their service provider.    It would appear that, compared to Cattle Council’s preferred amendment, the resolutions have been watered down,” Mr Ogilvie said.   “The grassfed beef producers need to come out in force and vote.

“If they don’t, the resolutions won’t get up and what is wrong with the current industry structure will be perpetuated,” Mr Ogilvie said.


Contact: Mary Johnson,, 0417 249 506