The growing consumer demand for grassfed beef is resulting in increased economic returns for certified PCAS producers.

Teys Australia, who have used PCAS to underpin their grassfed brands, have offered substantial economic premiums to certified producers.

Since its launch in August 2013 Teys have paid an average premium of $50.83/head on all PCAS certified cattle. This has equated to over $4 million in premiums paid to producers supplying Teys.

“It’s a great story, but it won’t stop there. Grasslands is just one brand supported by PCAS” said Ian McCamley, Cattle Council Marketing Committee Councilor.

PCAS provides integrity to grassfed brands through ensuring that certified producers’ on-farm practices meet the expectations of consumers.

“PCAS ensures full integrity of the grassfed products delivered to consumers and it is outstanding that Teys has taken the lead in the Australian beef industry to identify the need for rigour within grassfed raising claims.” Marc Greening, CCA’s PCAS Committee chair

“This will benefit us as grassfed beef producers.  In order for grassfed products to grow and prosper into the future there must be a verifiable standards behind all grassfed raising claims”

The future of PCAS is bright and offers great opportunities for Australian grassfed beef producers. CCA will continue to invest and grow PCAS to improve the premiums for certified producers.

CCA is confident that the premiums for PCAS producers will continue into the future with the forecast increase in demand for grassfed product to the USA. PCAS will be well positioned to utilise this growth, as CCA will be seeking to gain USDA Process Verification for the program.

“So far the premiums have largely been driven by domestic demand but the opportunity that exists in the US market represents the real potential for Australian Grassfed product,” explained Mr McCamley.

CCA & AgForce will be celebrating Grassfed Branded products next week on Wednesday night at the Greener Pastures function, where Australia’s best grassfed steak will be announced.

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