Cattle Council of Australia is pleased to announce that the Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System (PCAS) now has the support of one of the largest beef processing facilities in Western Australia (WA).

Cattle Council of Australia president Howard Smith said “the signing of Western Meat Packers Group (WMPG) to PCAS is a positive move, which will provide real benefits to cattle producers in WA.”

“This signing continues to demonstrate that processors and producers are working together to ensure full integrity of grassfed products delivered to consumers,” Mr Smith said.

PCAS is an assurance program that enables the industry to prove claims relating to pasturefed or grassfed production methods. Underpinning PCAS are the PCAS Standards which govern the on-farm feed requirements and traceability of the cattle, as well as pre-slaughter handling practices which influence eating quality.

WMPG Chief Executive Officer Andrew Fuda said WMPG was excited to be the first processor in WA to utilise the PCAS program to underpin its popular grassfed beef product.

“We see PCAS as an important step for WMPG to validate claims that our products meet our customer requirements.

“Utilising PCAS is also in line with our company’s ongoing support for producers choosing to validate how they raise their cattle, as product differentiation remains a vital aspect of Australia’s capacity to market quality, described beef.

“It also further underlines WMPG’s commitment to put in place every available step to ensure that how we handle cattle and how we process our beef products is the world’s best practice,” Mr Fuda said.

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For media enquires contact Rowena Martin on or 0409 219 527.