Australia’s ability to produce high quality, grassfed beef is one of the unique aspects of the industry that will be celebrated at Beef Australia 2015. Along with providing an opportunity to promote the qualities of grassfed beef to the Australian market, Beef Australia is a great platform to share the story with our international customers.

The global demand for Australian beef has never been stronger and the demand for grassfed beef is no exception.

Producers, butchers and brand owners are invited to apply to participate in the following Grassfed Beef Awards, to be presented at the ‘Greener Pastures’ Function hosted by the Cattle Council of Australia and Agforce Queensland at Beef Australia.

Awards and categories as follows:

  • Recognition of Service to Grassfed Beef Promotion
    • Producer
    • Butcher
    • Brand

–          Best Eating Experience – Grassfed Beef

For more information on the Grassfed Beef Awards visit

For more information please contact Stakeholder Relations Officer Heidi Eldridge Mob- 0417249506