Today’s announcement that Riverina Stockfeeds has been officially recognised as an approved manufacturer of upwards of ten supplements suitable for grassfed productions systems has been welcomed by PCAS.

Cattle Council of Australia president Howard Smith said the approved supplement scheme continues to benefit grassfed producers, assisting them to meet the nutritional requirements needed to provide consistent beef supply to both domestic and international markets.

“The PCAS approved supplements initiative was established to support producers gain greater clarity around which products and supplements were suitable for grassfed quality assurance programs.”

“The Approved supplements scheme provides the nutritional guidance producers need” Mr Smith said.

Managing Director, Riverina (Australia) Pty Ltd, David Hunter said Riverina recognised the Pasturefed Cattle Assurance System as a vital benchmark for the industry.

“Riverina has been working with beef producers for 90 years developing the best product range we are proud to continue that work with our products now listed in the PCAS approved supplements scheme.”

“Our mills are all FeedSafe® accredited and linking our beef supplement products to PCAS provides added confidence for the beef producer”

Mr Hunter said the Riverina range of dry and liquid feeds supplements offer every beef producer the ability to optimise their beef production output.

“We commend the Cattle Council of Australia on the development of PCAS approved supplements scheme and we look forward to working with our customers in delivering quality pasturefed beef to the world”

What is PCAS?

PCAS was developed by Cattle Council of Australia as an assurance program that enables the industry to prove claims relating to pasturefed or grassfed production methods. Find out more at

Feed manufacturers are now able to supply ‘PCAS-Approved’ feed and forage products to producers through PCAS.

Who are Riverina Stockfeeds?

Riverina is a premier supplier of animal feed for the agriculture industry and a leading exporter of grain and protein meals to South East Asia, the Pacific rim and other export markets. Riverina Stockfeeds commitment to supplying rural Australia with the highest quality products spans some 90 years. With five dry feed mills and two liquid feed mills operating under the FeedSafe® accreditation system, our thorough research and development programmes and a sound ‘in house’ nutritional base we are able to implement new products to meet market requirements.

For further details please visit our website for a list of approved products and for contact details for your local Territory Sales Manager.

For further details contact Margo Andrae on or 0404 836 631