Cattle Council has made it’s draft submission to the Beef Language White Paper review process available for comment ahead of the 16 February 2015 submission deadline.

Cattle Council Board Member, David Hill, said he hoped that producers would take the opportunity to review the submission and make valuable comment, in order to shape the Cattle Council’s representation.

“Producers have the opportunity to comment on the future of beef language, and ultimately, ensure that they get the best possible price for their product,” Mr Hill said.

“The submission focusses on key areas of discontent raised by beef producers, including dentition, butt shape and meat colour.

“From the review process, Cattle Council is seeking a progressive beef language that is transparent and based on objective measurements.

Mr Hill said that beef producers can also access a ‘Submission Guide’ on the Cattle Council website, which will assist those who wish to write their own individual submission for the White Paper process.

“The Beef Language Review is strict in stating that only submissions which directly respond to the terms of reference will be considered,” Mr Hill said. “Utilising the Submission Guide will help to ensure that these requirements are met.”



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