Cattle Council of Australia welcomes the conclusion of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiations which upon entry into force will significantly provide increased market opportunities for Australian grassfed beef producers.

After five years of intensive negotiations between twelve countries, the TPP will drive sustainable growth, promote innovation, enhance job opportunities and most importantly reduce trade barriers.

Cattle Council President, Howard Smith said “This agreement signifies a game changing opportunity for Australian beef.  As an industry we see a very positive future for our export markets’.

The TPP will further liberalise our beef trade to Japan and will also eliminate tariffs on our products destined for Canada, Mexico and Peru.

‘Canada and Mexico have been long term customers for Australian beef and  this deal can only further enhance our trade partnership’

‘Once fully implemented, the TPP will see the import tariff applied by Japan reducing to 9 per cent while the elimination of tariffs by both Mexico and Canada within 10 years, this is an outstanding result’.

‘This rapid growth in market access in the Asia Pacific region will build an unprecedented opportunity for our farmers, local communities and businesses’ said Mr Smith.

‘Cattle Council has supported the successful conclusion of the TPP agreement since the beginning of the negotiations’

As a member of the Five Nations Beef Alliance (FNBA), Cattle Council with support from beef producers in Canada, Mexico, New Zealand and the United States, urged all participants involved within the TPP negotiations to action a trade liberalising agreement as soon as possible.

‘As a member of the FNBA, beef producers from around the world have worked together to achieve these improvements, delivering a level playing field for fair and transparent competition’ Mr Smith said.


Heidi Eldridge

Stakeholder Relations Office e m 0417249506