Cattle Council of Australia members

Are you thinking of becoming a member of Cattle Council of Australia? Cattle Council aims to give beef producers a voice and represent producers on a national and international level.

Your annual membership will let you:

  • Stand for Cattle Council of Australia Board;
  • Vote for leadership roles;
  • Communicate directly to the Cattle Council of Australia on national policy issues;
  • Receive regular updates from the Cattle Council of Australia;
  • Nominate to participate in the Cattle Council of Australia policy committees (see below); and
  • Receive members-only access to the Cattle Council of Australia interactive website.

Membership is based on one membership per individual (or per PIC) and equates to one vote per membership. The cost of membership is $100.00 + GST annually.

Did you know that the membership fee is waived for producers who are already a member of a State Farming Organisation?                       

Cattle Council of Australia maintains four specialist committees to provide recommendations and detailed advice to the Board on key issues affecting the beef industry. Cattle Council welcomes members to put forward their interest in being involved in these committees.

All other policy isues are managed directly by Cattle Council of Australia board. 

Apply for Membership here.