Policy Council

CCA Policy Council and Working Groups


In 2021 Cattle Council running a pilot for a more contemporary policy development structure, replacing the existing five consultative committees. This structure is made up of a 25-member Policy Council, which is advised by a series of working groups/taskforces with specific skills, knowledge and experience.

The Policy Council has been designed to better focus Cattle Council’s limited resources so it can more effectively deliver policy and advocacy for the beef cattle industry. It will also let the Cattle Council Board focus on governance, finance, risk management and strategic industry priorities and strategies. It is important to remember that the Policy Council is a trial, and the new structure will be refined over the course of 2021.

Policy Council and Working Group Objectives

Advocacy Policy Levy oversight Industry leadership

Demonstrated understanding of:

  • Industry priorities
  • Industry structures
  • Government structures and processes
  • Role of advocacy
  • Networking and engagement

Demonstrated understanding of:

  • The purpose of Red Meat 2030
  • Strategic planning
  • Purpose of policy development
  • Process of policy development
  • Legislative and regulatory concepts

Demonstrated understanding of:

  • The purpose and recipients of the levy
  • CCA’s role in levies legislation
  • CCA’s role in how levies are spent
  • Levy raising principles and guidelines

Demonstrated understanding of:

  • The purpose of peak councils
  • CCA’s role in industry leadership
  • Consultation frameworks
  • Industry capacity development

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