Environment and Sustainability


CCA’s Policy Council and sustainability Working Groups look at how members and producers can best take advantage of new opportunities as governments move us towards a more environmentally sustainable future. 

Cattle Council is working to support the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework, the Carbon Neutral 2030 initiative and the Australian Government-funded Australian Farm Biodiversity Certification Scheme trial. Our focus is on ensuring producers have a voice in the consultation processes that will shape the outcomes of these programs. We are working with experts and industry leaders to put the right policy settings in place to ensure these initiatives are successful in progressing the industry towards a future that is profitable and sustainable for years to come.

You can contact the Environment and Sustainability Secretariat on environment@cattlecouncil.com.au

The Australian Beef Sustainability Framework

Cattle Council supports the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework as a way to guide sustainable beef production and demonstrate the beef industry’s sustainability credentials to consumers and stakeholders.

Launched in April 2017, the Australian Beef Sustainability Framework (the Framework) was developed by the Australian beef industry to meet the changing expectations of customers, investors and other stakeholders. The Framework defines sustainable beef production and tracks performance over a series of indicators annually. The indicators will continue to be refined through a process of consultation with both stakeholders and technical experts. https://www.sustainableaustralianbeef.com.au/the-framework


Cattle Council supports the goal of the Australian red meat industry becoming carbon neutral by 2030 (CN30).

The red meat and livestock industry is on the front foot, proactively taking action and aims to maintain or improve long-term productivity and herd numbers while striving to deliver zero net emissions.


Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Program

CCA is working with the Federal Government through the National Farmers’ Federation on the implementation of a voluntary Agriculture Biodiversity Stewardship Program that rewards producers who undertake on-farm environmental projects.

More information on the program can be found by clicking here.