Grass-fed Cattle Industry Restructure Steering Committee

Members of the Grass-fed Cattle Industry Restructure Steering Committee have appointed Mr Andrew Macaulay to the position of Independent Chair, Steering Committee.

Mr Macaulay has a background in change management, turnaround, re-structure, and business process re-engineering and has held board and executive positions in domestic and international operations.

Mr Macaulay recently led the PVCA, a membership organisation representing print and packaging industries.  Under his leadership, the organisation restructured, returned to profit, grew its membership, significantly increased its profile and, importantly, became recognised by Federal and State policymakers as the sole voice of that sector.

A spokesperson for the Steering Committee said it was Andrew’s track record leading change, his government relations and advocacy experience and stakeholder engagement and communication skills that first bought him to the attention of the Committee.

It was however Andrew’s drive, purpose, and independence that most impressed the Steering Committee. “Andrew has experience across a diverse range of industries and business types and has proven himself to be a quick study, capable of getting across complex issues, including complex membership interests, and for getting the job done. 

The position requires a skilled facilitator and independence, and it was Andrew’s experience at PVCA where not having come from the sector enabled him to make real change that most impressed the Steering Committee members.”

With roots in agriculture, Mr Macaulay is deeply pleased to lead activities to create a united grass-fed cattle industry peak body. 

“The Government’s objective is for the agricultural sector to become a $100 billion industry by 2030. The grass-fed cattle industry must be united, resourced and well-represented to take its proper place as an influential part of this sector,” Mr Macaulay said.

Mr Macaulay acknowledged the work of the represented groups to date and with an ambitious road map ahead noted the importance of striking the right balance of meaningful stakeholder consultation with timely delivery of the new national peak body.

“The immediate priorities for the Steering Committee are to realise the funding for the formation of the new peak body and to implement a stakeholder engagement and communication framework to ensure swift identification and resolution of any unresolved issues associated with the restructure,” said Mr Macaulay.

“The Steering Committee met today, and I am pleased to advise we have made significant progress with respect to funding.  The Steering Committee also agreed to appoint an Independent Secretariat and to establish a dedicated online portal that will help producers access information about the restructure.

“As Chair, I will provide regular updates with respect to the progress of the Steering Committee.  I also look forward to meeting with and hearing from producers and stakeholders as we work together to realise the goal of a united national peak body for grass-fed producers and their industry.”

About Andrew Macaulay – Independent Chair

Andrew is a leader possessing a wealth of executive and board experience, driving restructure, turn-around, export and growth in highly competitive international and domestic environments. Andrew has significant experience negotiating with complex internal and external stakeholders, regulators, shareholders, subsidiary and parent boards, JV partners, government ministers, advisors and agencies, and corporates.

Companies Andrew has held executive or board positions with include AISC IRC (Print & Packaging), Media Super, NPITC, Intech, Print and Visual Communication Association (PVCA), Aristocrat Leisure.

Andrew is not associated with any cattle industry body but has a strong affiliation with agriculture. He took on the role of Marketing Manager at the NSW Farmers’ Association early in his career (1994 – 1998) and today, Andrew and his wife own a small herd of Hereford cattle in the Hunter Valley.

Andrew holds a Bachelor of Economics (UNE), is a member of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD), and has completed post-graduate studies through the AICD, Australian Graduate School and Australian Institute of Management.


About the Grass-fed Cattle Industry Restructure Steering Committee

Over the last 12 months, considerable work has been undertaken by Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) and Cattle Producers Australia (CPA) to design a strawman proposal and associated process for realising a new peak body for the grass-fed cattle industry. 

In September and October 2021, facilitated “Industry Leaders Forums” (ILF) comprising the recognised national and state-level representative, policy, and advocacy bodies for cattle producers plus the largest cattle companies in Australia (Represented Groups) were held to gain agreement on the structural and funding options to be taken forward through the appointment of a steering committee.

It was agreed at the ILF that a grass-fed cattle industry restructure steering committee (Steering Committee) would be established to guide the process and implement the formation of a new united, well resourced, effective, representative leading peak industry body for grass-fed cattle producers and their industry (New Peak Body).

The purpose and objective of the Steering Committee is to:

(a) realise the funding and formation for the New Peak Body by 1 July 2022.

(b) direct various stages and activities required to realise the New Peak Body that can deliver on the outcomes sought by the industry through this restructure process.

(c) work through any unresolved restructure issues to provide objective, timely, solutions-focussed positions to ensure the restructure process continues to progress.

(d) keep the Represented Groups, Minister, levy payers and other stakeholders informed and engaged through a comprehensive comms and engagement plan.

(e) ensure a seamless transition of grass-fed cattle industry peak body responsibilities from Cattle Council of Australia (CCA) to the New Peak Body.

(f) report back and consult regularly with the Represented Groups (and where possible industry).

(g) to minimise any disruption to the day-to-day operations of CCA during the transition process; and

(h) transition and eventually wind up CCA and CPA to the New Peak Body as required.

The Steering Committee comprises 2 x CCA representatives, 2 x CPA representatives, 2 x NPG representatives and 2 x SFO representatives, with these 8 nominated representatives appointing an independent chair.