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The beef industry is uniquely positioned to be part of the greater solution to Australia’s climate challenges. Cattle Council is playing its part to make sure the beef industry has a sustainable, low carbon future that is profitable, productive and rewards producers for the environmental work they undertake on their properties.

This page outlines a number of key initiatives that are being undertaken by the industry to make sure the beef industry is doing it’s part and that our consumers can trust Australian beef.

Key Initatives

Carbon Neutral by

The Australian beef sector, as part of the wider red meat industry, is committed to net-zero emissions by 2030 – the most ambitious target of any industry in Australia. Read More

Climate Metrics

Cattle Council believes it is vital that all emissions are measured accurately so consumers know what steps they can take to make a meaningful reduction in their carbon footprint. The nature of emissions in the beef industry is very different to fossil fuels and metrics should reflect that. Read more

Australian Beef Sustainability Framework

Australian beef is using independent and credible scientific organisations to help track our progress in reaching our sustainability goals. Click here to find out more. 

Carbon + Biodiversity

Cattle Council is supporting the Commonwealth’s Farm Carbon + Biodiversity Pilot Program. Read about it here.

Global Roundtable for Sustainable Beef

Cattle Council is an executive member of the GRSB with a seat on the board, and provided significant input into the GRSB’s goals.
Click here to find out more

Environment and Sustainability Working Groups

Sustainability policy is a key working area for Cattle Council with carbon abatement and sustainability priorities for our Policy Council. Read more



International Perspectives on Australian Beef Sustainability

Sacred Cow Director, Diana Rodgers and Dr Frank Mitloehner from the CLEAR Centre at UC Davis join Cattle Council to discuss Australian beef production and its impact on the climate

Methane Matters – How well does the Paris Agreement measure beef emissions?

Eminent Australian climate scientists, Prof. Richard Eckard of the University of Melbourne and Prof. Mark Howden from ANU join Cattle Council to discuss how fair climate metrics are to beef businesses and the alternative, GWP*


You can contact the Cattle Council environment and sustainability team on or by calling 1300 563 038