Australian Good Meat’s latest producer-led video featuring Darren and Melanie Hamblin ‘Strathdale Wagyus” Sarina QLD

The new sustainability producer-led videos capture the innovation, tools and practice change producers are applying to their businesses to improve their profitability and sustainability. They are designed to support other producers wanting to make progress around sustainability and to highlight to consumers the commitment our industry has to the land, livestock and livelihoods.

Central Queensland cattle breeders, Darren and Melanie Hamblin, breed Waygu cattle, running around 6,000 head across their three properties in Central Queensland and on the Darling Downs. They are committed to breeding animals that deliver strong fertility and reproductive capacity, good meat eating quality for consumers and sustainability traits including the polled trait and feed efficiency because they are aware these traits will become increasingly important to both producers and consumers. The Hamblin’s have been long-term users of BREEDPLAN but have moved into genomic testing and Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNPs). SNPs provide Darren and team with the DNA markers that when linked with sufficient historical performance data increases the accuracy of selection decisions.

This latest video is the sixth in a series for which there is a short version for our consumer audience and a long version for our producer audience.