Meat & Livestock Australia has released the red meat State of the Industry Report for 2021. The report, compiled by MLA on behalf of the Red Meat and Livestock Australia industry, provides an overview of industry, including figures on production, consumption, exports, the economic significance of the industry, attitudes to red meat and key issue snapshots.

The report is now online at the following link

Key points:

  • In 2019–20, Australia’s red meat and livestock industry turnover was $69.9 billion, up 5% on revised 2018–19 figures
  • In 2019–20, the Australian red meat and livestock industry employed approximately 445,000 people
  • Australia is the largest sheepmeat exporter and second largest beef exporter, behind Brazil
  • Red meat and livestock exports totalled approximately $18.4 billion in 2019–20, an increase of 11% year‑on‑year and 23% higher than 2015–16 levels.
  • Over the past 20 years, total global consumption of meat has been steadily increasing at an average annual rate of 1% for beef, 2% for sheepmeat, 1% for pork, and 5% for poultry.