Industry Systems and Food Safety

Strategic Policy Focus

Promoting a whole of industry integrity system.

Policy Statement

CCA promotes a national whole of industry integrity system that delivers consistency in policy across the whole supply chain and guarantees food safety and global consumer confidence in Australian Beef.

Focus Areas and Objectives 

Focus AreaObjective
BiosecurityThe long-term position is an assured funding model that underpins the operational veracity of the national system.
Animal WelfareThe whole industry is aware of the ramifications of system failure.
SustainabilityAll producers are aware and understand the value proposition of the integrity system.
Food safetyThe integrity systems promote and achieves high levels of compliance through establishing a value proposition.
ComplianceThe integrity system promotes and achieves high levels of compliance through establishing national recognition.

Red Meat 2030

Objective for 2030; we are a trusted brand because of our integrity system, built on trust and respect that supports strong partnerships and sharing of information.

  • Ensuring end-to-end integrity, traceability and provenance
  • Enabling supply chain data integration and efficiency
  • Improving digital connectivity
  • Embracing automation and Agtech

 Indicators of Success

  1. Participation in coordinated industry integrity systems is 100% by 2030
  2. We have halved compliance and regulatory costs by 2030 compared to a 2020 baseline through an innovative approach to compliance
  3. Digital connectivity has increased for all industry participants
  4. We have achieved end-to-end traceability
  5. We are recognised by users as a world class integrity system